Setup Cordova on OSX

This is going to be a high level post on the steps and components requred to setup Cordova on OSX and build an iOS app.

  1. Install XCode through the App Store
  2. Install brew from the terminal command line (this is the utility that helps us deploy other components)
    ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  3. Install npm using brew, then check they are installed
    brew install npm
    npm -v
    node -v
  4. Ensure the latest required version of java is installed
    brew cask install java
  5. Install ant
    brew install ant
  6. Install and setup cocoapods
    brew install cocoapods
    pod -setup
  7. Ensure XCode command line utilities are configured correctly – firstly install them
    xcode-select --install

    There maybe and issue (I got this in High Sierra) where you get an error saying XCode is not installed and it can’t find the command line utilities in which case you can switch the location for them using the below command

    sudo xcode-select --switch /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools
  8. Install the npm package ios-deploy
    npm install ios-deploy
  9. Check all cordova requirements are met for building your app (I will be doing future posts for creating and deploying apps using cordova on both OSX, Ubuntu and Windows)
    cordova requirements

Hope this helps, please share or comment if you found it useful!



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