Alfresco Content Management – Arrived!

Arrived! – Alfresco Enterprise Content Management.

We are very excited about delivering the widest used Open Source Enterprise content management system around we are very keen to get customers on our hosted solution.

The base price of 20,000 baht to install the community version for a customer and host their service on a secure cloud server is probably half the cost of one days work of an Alfresco consultant in the UK or USA.

The price we are offering includes secure hosting in the cloud using GoDaddy servers.

Further support options can be discussed upon negotiation.

Just to re-iterate that Alfresco is one of the widest used document management systems in the world.

Upon negotiation we can also provide video conference training on this product if required, we also offer services around technical installation, it is not the easiest product in the world to install, but it is definitely worth the pain!


Paul H

IT consultant with 20+ years experience specialising in Oracle Database, Oracle Business Intelligence, Web/Mobile development, Application Express development, cloud technology and more

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